Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Talika Lipocils Eyelash Treatment Gel

   Isn't it every girls dream to achieve longer looking lashes that could flutter a mile high even from afar? I certainly am a sucker for any beauty formulations or inventions that will fulfill that longtime dream of mine. I first stumbled upon Talika 5 years ago when I was busy browsing beauty stuffs at Sephora in LA. The lady told me it's one of their bestsellers. I was like whoa! Gotta give this thing a try. I was so excited and happy my heart literally skipped a beat.

   It says on the box that this unique transparent gel is enriched with a complex made of plant extracts and lecithin that multiplies the effectiveness of the 100% natural active ingredients contained. Talika Lipocils Eyelash Treatment Gel also guarantees longer and thicker looking lashes in just 28 days. Don't you just love it when claims like this challenges you to it's efficacy? I may be a fool but a love hearing sweet promises to my ears. It's like being romantically courted and getting all giddy about it.

   Well I have to admit that it made my sparse looking lashes thicker and wee bit longer. At least I wasn't disappointed at all. I noticed with each passing day that they seem to get fuller and fuller. A good buy at such a low price. I usually apply it at night before sleeping which makes me look forward the following day for more dramatic improvements. You just have to be patient and wait awhile and in time you'll see noticeable changes. I was happy with this product that I bought several more tubes for maintenance. My mascaras seem happier with this discovery coz they get to deliver optimum results with this combination. My lashes also looks better and healthy that I could almost hear them thanking me ;-)

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