Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Galliera PM

   Each of my bag has a story to tell. This Galliera PM was my birthday bag when I celebrated it in Kuala Lumpur with my family and Mr G. I remember frowning at all the gifts i got. I just wanted a bag! I wanted it more than any of the jewelry and trip i get as a present (yes I was that sick during that time, my obsession was out of control!). I somehow felt incomplete without a new bag. Thus, the grouchy monster in me emerged again.

   So the next morning in order to pacify me, we all went to LV Suria KLCC. I made sure that going to LV was the most important itinerary of the day. Then my mom started to  dissuade me again from getting another bag. Of which I didn't agree. We were literally arguing in front of the SA. Yep, in the end I won but I remember feeling guilty coz Mr G wasn't pleased with my immature display of childishness. I can almost see all the tsk...tsk...tsks coming out of his head.

   Well that mini drama didn't stop me from enjoying my bag. It's my birthday anyway so I should be happy instead of being stressed out.

    Galliera PM is very handy and convenient for me. It's relaxed style and slouched look is perfect for everyday carry all. It is lightweight, large and roomy so lugging all my stuff is easy. Even my laptop fits inside! I also particularly like the gold metallic LV plate in the middle. It adds a nice and classy touch to the bags design. It has an inside pocket and celphone holder as well. The D- ring is also a plus. Overall, it's a great bag!

   Looking back I knew I seemed as an ungrateful bitch to everyone. I was so selfish not to even consider the time and effort they all put just to make my birthday special. But there I was solely concentrating on meaningless things. In fact I'm so ashamed of myself. Good thing I was able to knock some sense back to my head or else i'd still be drowning from my bag syndrome.

   Nowadays my mom and Mr G are happier with my current disposition and I'm trying hard to maintain that positive outlook. My bank account seems healthier too. It made me realize that too much of everything is baaa!!!  Moderation is the key. I still enjoy getting bags once in awhile but I no longer do it on a twice a month basis. So that's my little Monogram LV Galliera story for the day. Hope you all have a great day and thanks for visiting my site. Love and kisses... ;-)  

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