Sunday, May 16, 2010

Biore Cleansing Oil

   I've always hated the tedious work that goes with removing makeup, especially after a long day's work when I'm too tired and the last thing that I wanna do is to keep rubbing my eyes to take off all those stubborn eyeliners and mascaras. My eyelids usually end up red and irritated from constant pulls and tugs( a big no-no in skincare). It sucks coz i love using cosmetics with colors that stays put for hours. But i have the tendency to get too lazy with the cleansing part that's why I want a product that works fast and easily to save me from all the hassle. I dont wanna splurge on expensive makeup removers coz its simply not my cup of tea (I'd rather use  the money to buy another lipstick). Soaps and toners aren't even enough to scrub those pigments away so it's highly frustrating on my part. :-(

   Good thing I discovered Biore cleansing oil. It QUICKLY dissolves all the goo on my skin! Just a pea-size amount is enough to cover the entire face. The bottle comes with a pump and  a protective cover to ensure no messy spills. T'was a surprise because I just nonchalantly bought this cheap product without much expectations. But now it is my HG when it comes to removing all traces of makeup. It quickly wipes away even the TOUGHEST or LONGEST wearing cosmetic. It cleans and melts all dirts, grimes and whatchamacallit's! (haha I'm exaggerating a bit on the grimes part...that's too icky already!).

   Im so satisfied with my Biore that I want the world to know how effective and amazing this product is!


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