Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Palgantong Pro Touch Foundation

   I first saw this product at a website selling items not available locally. It piqued my interest for something new and unique. The name Palgantong alone sounds exotic so I wanted to give it a try. It is made in Japan by dodo company. But it wasn't really a priority so I forgot about it.
   Then I stumbled upon this foundation  at Sasa in HK and i remembered being curious about it. But the moment I saw it, I became hesitant to get one because of its cheap looking red packaging which shows a logo of a theatrical mask. Anyway i still decided to give it a try because of it's cheap tag and who knows this product might be a goldmine in the making. I just silently prayed that this won't cause me any breakouts.
   The gel foundation has SPF25 for that needed sun protection. I chose the beige ocre for my skin tone. The next day I immediately put it to test. I noticed that the coverage is quite thick even if you only apply a small amount. There was also no need to use a separate concealer. After I was done with my makeup i noticed that it made me look FLAWLESS...but in a different kind of way. I had that nagging feeling something wasn't right. But I just can't quite put my finger to it. So I killed those thoughts and went through my daily routines.
   Come night time the foundation is still very much intact. I just did a few retouches before meeting up for dinner with my fiancé. The first thing he mentioned upon seeing me is "Why is your face so white? You look like a geisha!" My ever blunt man thinks I dunked my face in a jar of powder. Ouch! And how come nobody even told me that i looked like a ghost the entire day? Double ouch!

   That is the first and last time I used  this foundation. It wasn't the right product/shade for me. No wonder Palgantongs star products are theatrical makeups! But id still try and buy their other products. Perhaps try another shade that might be my perfect match?Hmmm...Maybe it will work well for other skintones. Maybe its thick coverage will complement somebody else's complexion. Maybe one womans trash will be another's treasure.
    Next time I'll heed my instincts when it's warning me about something. For looking like a geisha from neck up  is the last thing you'd wanna hear when you're not attending a costume party.



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