Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Zoe Doggie Album

She looks so cute in her pink ribbon
Loving her doggie bone
Posing in her nappies
Back view...her cute tail sticking out of the doggie diaper
Which she absolutely hated and tried so hard to remove
Zoe wanting to get up the bed again...she'll keep barking if you ignore her

Some of her grooming essentials
Sleepy time..nite!nite!

   Here's a quick snapshot of Zoe after her misbehaviours. She always makes me happy even when she just chewed the handle of my LV Manhattan. And she just recently left a long trail of chewed up napkin...gross! which she stole inside the trash bin. Crazy crazy dog. She's growin' up quite fast. With the way im treating her i feel like I just gave birth to a healthy puppy girl( knock on wood). Mr G even asked why I'm documenting her every move. Well I feel like a proud mama. I know someday I'll be a good mom since I'm already exhibiting signs of maternal instincts. Haha! Please Zoe start acting like a lady already! ;-)

   Hope y'all enjoy her recent pix. I wanna buy her more girly clothes and accessories. Thanks for dropping by and I appreciate the time. Love ya all!

puppy and water

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