Saturday, May 8, 2010

My I-Touch Love Affair

My beloved I-Touch
Handy way to write blogs and surf the net
Super love this thing!
   If there's one thing I currently can't live without these past few's my precious I-touch.  It's practically glued to my body. I carry it anywhere, I bring it to the balcony, bathroom and sleep with it. It's so handy, compact and convenient in surfing the net, checking my emails, writing my notes, storing pix, listening to music and loads of other functions. 

   My Sony Vaio has been neglected already as I like using this more. Although the screen is not as big as a laptop, you'll eventually get used to it. Typing is such a breeze as it's very user friendly. I often use this when I blog. It's like using a celphone with better functions. That easy!

   The only downside to loving this thing so much is my fiancé complaining about me spending too much time with it. Ok I'm a bit guilty about that part but I just can't help it! When I start using this I can't seem to stop. I spend hours and hours tinkering with it. The battery life is also quite long so I don't have to keep recharging. I'm trying my darnest best to control my usage as I don't want my man to get jealous over this gadget. Hehe...Well it's his gift anyway and he should be happy that I'm so into it. I even don't need to pop a pill to put me to sleep as countless hours of surfing does the trick. 

   Well have to rush typing this coz Mr Grumpy might see me again stuck with this thing. I certainly don't feel like seeing his nostrils flare at the very sight. If he's gonna read this I want to let him know that of course I love him more than anything else and he need not worry. Ok its time to spend some quality time with him now and make up for all the lost times spent with this thingie. Hehe  ;-)

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Grangeboi87 said...

I have this too and it's totally rad! You have cool gadgets IMHO Peace!

Anonymous said...

Great blog man, had very important content that I can relate to :)