Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Face Shop Premier Foundation

Out of curiousity i bought TFS's Premier Foundation
(can you spot my fingerprint? hehe)

The packaging looks good enough to stand beside my more expensive foundations

I was surprised at how well it blended with my skin

*The Face Shop's Premier Essence in Foundation has SPF 15.

What the box says:
    "This smart foundation with essential moisturizing ingredients evens out skin tone and covers up imperfections while providing skin caring benefits."

My take on this:
   The packaging is nice. The purple lid looks good enough to display along with my other toiletries. I also liked its size coz it doesn't look too big nor too small and I think one bottle could last me for a long time. The pump styled bottle also makes it easy for me to dispense the fluid without any messy spills. It's also cheap, priced at around 700 pesos.

   I chose the shade NB21 as I feel that the other shade is quite dark for my skin tone. Upon application the color is so rich that I only need to apply a small amount to cover my entire face. True to what it claims, it really evens out the skin tone! My freckles became barely noticeable.

   Im really surprised with this product. Perhaps because I didn't expect too much to begin with. The performance can be at par with far more expensive brands. I noticed that my face barely shone and a little powder is enough to control my oily skin. I love foundations that makes my skin look matte coz I look fresher and cleaner. I also didn't had any breakouts! I'm so glad I tried this product. I've been using it regularly. If you're on the lookout for a cheaper foundation that works, this might be the one for you:-)


Anonymous said...

i heard its now faced out from face shop stores and even in u know where i can find one?thanks.


Yikes I didn't know that coz I never repurchased another bottle coz I like to keep trying new stuffs. I bought this at a Face Shop in Shanghai. I'm assuming it's phased out anywhere also. Too bad coz I really liked these. Anyway, thanks for dropping by:-)

Anonymous said...

okay sure im trying to get one from online sellers :) thank you too <3

Anonymous said...

i really liked it too, by the way :(