Monday, May 3, 2010

Tomato Face Mask

This is just the cutest looking tomato face pack ever! As usual I found it at my fave cosmetics store Sasa. I didn't understand much what the SA was saying when she was describing the face mask except the part when she said this is a good product and it's made in Korea( of course she'll say that for sales purposes) but irregardless I still found the packaging so deliciously appealing. It's suppose to whiten the skin. The cream has tiny red bits which I assume is the tomato formula. You just need to leave it on your skin for around 5 minutes before rinsing off. The red bits would burst and blend with the cream upon application.

My verdict is that it made my complexion brighter and cleaner. I also like the smooth after effect when I caress my skin. But don't expect dramatic changes as you'll get none of that. It only aides in making the skin clearer. My cheeks also feels alive and moisturized after each use. This is a great buy coz the tomato looks so cute beside my regular products. In fact when I finish the mask I can use the container to store small trinkets. It's also cheap! It makes me a happy tomato lover without having to eat the real thing!


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