Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cute Press Face Mask

   I discovered this face mask at a mall in Bangkok. I wanted to try something new and local. The pink packaging is cute and appealing. Cute Press plus natural facial is a whitening mask that contains yogurt powder and kaolin.

What's written on the product:
    A deep cleansing mask with natural extracts, ideal for cleansing dead skin cells and eliminating impurities. It effectively controls excess oil and minimizes pores leaving your skin bright, soft and supple.

My experience:
   I followed the directions exactly which is to apply the mask evenly on cleansed face and neck skin for about 15-20 minutes. The mask has a milky and creamy texture that reminds me of cleansing creams. It also smells good.

    Initially I didn't notice much changes. But after using it for several months I did observe that my complexion looked brighter and cleaner. And my skin less oily. My pores became finer and less noticeable. Not surprising since yogurt is known to have antibacterial properties and lactic acid which tightens and softens the skin. While kaolin helps to stimulate complexion and aid in exfoliation.

   This is another good buy on my list. One tube can also last for a long time. And the price is cheap! I'd certainly buy this product again when I go back to Thailand. In fact i'm almost running out of supply now that's why i'll make sure to stock on this the next time around :-)


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