Thursday, May 27, 2010

Max Factor Pink Brandy Lipstick

I <3 this shade!

Been usin' it a lot...almost running out!

Making fun of Chino...

Skin swab tone

I love how it looks on my lips!

The satisfied smile!

   On days when I'm feeling dull, drab and blah this is the lipstick I look for to instantly add spark to my face. It's vivid pink color looks bright but not over the top. Just enough to enhance your face.

   The color is so rich and highly pigmented that it effortlessly evens out the liptone. It glides easily and feels soft on the lips. I don't see the need to apply lipgloss coz it's semi matte texture has that hint of sheen. It doesn't dry my lips too. The best part about it is it's longwearing formulation. The color is still intact even after each meals.

    I find this lipstick so flattering that I sometimes even go out without wearing any makeup except this. My perfect kind of pink that never fails to uplift my mood that sometimes I wish waking up with this color permanently tattooed on my lips. ;-)


Chantzy said...

thats good to know that Max factor have good lippies, might try one of this days


Hehe yeah, I was actually surprised coz I'm not really fond of max factor cosmetics. But I like only this shade alone. This came as a surprise:-)