Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Zoe Chews the Handle of My LV Manhattan!!!

Horrific bite marks that looks so ugly!(shot without camera flash)

You can see the tiny nip marks on the other side of the handle as well...tsk...tsk...

The suspect: Zoe aka "bag muncher"
Dont be deceived by her angelic looks
as she bites without remorse...she's a tiny monster!

   is a BAAAD girl! She chewed the vachetta of my poor Manhattan! I'm still in a state of shock and disbelief right now. I mean why my Manhattan amongst all? My favorite favorite Manhattan! :-(

   Well I know I'm at fault. We just took her out for some puppy ride inside the car. I placed the bag on my lap while I perched her on top of it. I thought she was sleeping coz she usually does that whenever we go out. But for some reason I was distracted thinking of something else that i didn't notice she was already happily munching my precious bag. To my utmost horror, i discovered that the leather handle bore so many tiny bite marks. Initially, I wanted to hurl her out of the window, but of course I don't have the heart to do such thing. I just scolded her and shouted an ear splitting
"NOOO!!!". Of which she got mad and barked back. She was annoyed with me coz I 'disrupted' her lovely afternoon chewing session. Zoe, oh Zoe tsk...tsk..good thing your cute and you don't even know what you're doing!

   Another lesson learned. To all the puppy owners in the world,  EVER leave your bags unattended with your dogs. Or in my case, pay full attention. There's no one to be blamed but me. I shouldn't have been too complacent to let her try to sleep on top of my bag. It was really a disaster waiting to happen. But its too late now. My bag will forever bear the brunt and marks of this expensive mistake. Somehow I still hope that the leather will go back to it's original glory someday. Hah! Wishful thinking!

   I still heart Zoe with all my heart. I know it's just the beginning of many more puppy misadventures with her. I just have to be more responsible and careful next time. I have to be patient in training her and to stop spoiling her so much so she'll take me seriously. She is one feisty little dog who always wants things her way. She needs to be disciplined. And i hope in time that her tiny puppy brain will get it. She knows I'm her 'mom' and I will always protect her no matter what happens...even at the expense of my beautiful Manhattan. Huhuhu!...

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Anonymous said...

This plain sucks! would've thrown my dog if she bites my bag. Your dog is cute though:)