Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Roses Speedy

It looks so sweet and feminine

Its paired again with my rose pop pochette. I think they blend well together

    Finally, it's this bags turn to be in the spotlight. She has been sleeping inside the cabinet for quite sometime now. I promised myself that I'll feature each and every one of my bags no matter how outdated or old they are. I have to be fair and not just post all my favorites. I got this around January last year when it was just newly released.   

   This bag has that either you love-it-or-hate-it thing. Some find it tacky looking. Others feel that it's such a waste to desecrate the classic speedy line with flowers that look as if they were painted by kids.

   I have to admit that at first I was kinda hesitant to get this as I found it a bit too loud for my taste. Plus, im not much into trendy bags that easily becomes passe'. But the more I ignored it, the more it kept haunting me esp at night when i lie awake in bed. There's something about it that makes me not get over it!  I know i don't need it, I don't fancy it but deep inside I wanted it. What the !?%#* It just seems to grow on me more and more each day.

  Well i appreciate any form of art. Especially if it's inspired by the late American artist Stephen Sprouse. The flourescent rose pattern which is screen painted onto canvas is certainly an interesting aspect. Imagine having a bag that glows in the dark. Haha!

   This bag makes me feel feminine and glamorous even when I'm wearing something casual and plain. The bright neon flowers becomes my instant accessories. She's a definite headturnerr too coz in a sea of Speedies she certainly stands out!...And yes I have grown to love her too ;-)

Thank you for the time:-)


jinxbea said...

Hi Sis! thanks for dropping by my site and following... i have a question though... how do you clean the vachetta part of your LV's.. mine's a little dirty already due to everyday use :( TIA and godbless!


Hi sis, honestly I don't really clean them. Haha. I just try to avoid dirtying my bag which is hard coz I'm quite a messy person. Sometimes I just wipe it with dry cloth. But I find Lv bags that's been frequently used really nice looking. It means that the owner really loves using that bag.