Wednesday, May 5, 2010

White Alma Murakami Multicolor

Chino as my model

     This white Alma Multicolor is one of my favorite bags. Its Murakami designed monogram canvas has a cute play of colors that never fails to brighten my day.  I can easily pair and match it with any pastel or solid colored tops which instantly jazzes my outfit of the day!

   It has a natural vachetta base, trim and handle. I'm always  careful not to soil, wet or dirty its leather coz I don't wanna spoil it's beautiful patina. It is also adorned with gold studded rivets outlining the edges of the front pocket and the vachetta base  which adds an extra oomph factor to the whole bag.

   The classical half moon style which i really adore is lined in a luxe raspberry toned alcantara. There's also an extra flat pocket inside. The roomy interior can carry quite a lot of stuffs.

   This handheld bag is convenient, stylish and easy to use. I always carry it around and find myself using it most of the time (to the dismay of my other bags). It just looks so lovely that heck! even my dog loves it!    

Have an awesome day!!! :-)  

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