Saturday, May 29, 2010

My 7.4 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

My stunning engagement ring...whew!

It was in here where he knelt down on his knees and proposed...

He also gave me an engagement watch...Cartier La Bella Donna

The villa at Amara Resort in Sentosa, Singapore
He made the venue look so dreamy and magical!

Simply breathtaking!

   Little girls often dream of becoming real life princesses. I remember adoring Cinderella and wishin' that someday I'll be able to find my very own prince. But in reality I had to endure kissing several frogs before my knight in shining armour entered my life. I almost stopped believing, but deep in my heart I never lost hope. I knew he was just out there in this big and crazy world waiting for me.

   Then it happens when you least expect it. Cupid strikes during moments when you thought you've actually given up the fight. I was in a stage wherein I was loving myself more. Exploring and doing things on my own without the need for a man. I was having the time of my life! Looking for Mr Right became how to be Miss Right. My "men mentality" suddenly took a backseat as I discovered and embraced the joys of singlehood. It wasn't bad after all. I had all the time in the world to do anything I want without being restrained, constricted or tied to a chain. I cut the ropes that binded me from the pressures society imposes to singledom. So what if I'm still unmarried?  Id rather be single than be miserably stuck with a dog. I was tired of my old life. Finally I was loving the new ME! I felt free as a bird, ready to soar whatever heights i wanna reach.

   It was during that time when Mr G  entered my life. He got my number from my aunt when he saw my picture but eventhough we both came from the same country, we never had the chance to meet coz we both led totally different lives. So our friendship just remained just like that, thru SMS...which eventually dwindled to zero communication.

   But who knew that in one of my family's yearly trips to Vegas that he'd also happen to be there? I was hitting the Strip and the casinos like there's no tomorrow. Fate really has a funny way of twisting things. Just when I was happy flying solo his presence would suddenly change all that. I almost backed out during our first meeting at Ceasars Palace coz I didn't feel ready enough to meet another guy. But something inexplicable made me stay. Some unknown forces were trying to pin me down by making me press the send button of my celphone to say "Yes I'm here!".

   And the inevitable happened. We finally met and since then he has never left my side. We journeyed life together thru its many ups and downs.  Two different souls collided and merged. And the ironic thing is I found my him through the other side of the planet.

   Eight months after he proposed to me in Singapore. We were both studying there that time. It happened during one of those ordinary days that I thought was uneventful. But when I woke up he filled the bathroom with pink heart shaped papers, i was obviously surprised and asked what it was all about. He just told me not to probe any further and that he'll be busy the whole day. He said he will just come back around dinnertime to fetch me.

   I was nervous and fidgety the whole time I was waiting. What is he up to? Is he about to pop the question? Am I even ready? Or is he really gonna propose or am I just imagining too much? So many questions! All of which were answered that night.

   Inside the car he gave me flowers. Then he drove me all the way to Sentosa at Amara Resort. He rented a nice little villa with a pool. At first he made me wait outside for awhile. Then the moment I entered the door I heard Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up" being played thru violin. The whole placed looked so dreamy and magical. Balloons, candles, confettis and mini gift boxes (all in my fave shades of lilac and pink) were strewn all over. There was even a large bouquet of flowers and gifts in the middle displayed as a centerpiece. Wow, I was really taken aback! I eventually found out that he hired a planner to organize this momentous event.

   He then led me to the room where in the middle of a canopy bed lies the BOX! This is it! This is certainly the moment! He opened the box and i saw a beautiful, stunning and brilliant ring...a 7.4 carat diamond engagement ring set in platinum with tiny diamonds on the side.He even topped the previous 3 carat diamond ring i received from a former fiance. Then he knelt down on his knees and asked me to marry him. I was touched and dizzy from all the flurry of mixed emotions when I said "YES!". Things were unfolding right before my very eyes. And he JUST slipped a ring thru my finger!

   We then hugged. The moment that I've somehow ignored is happening again. And the wonder why it is all materializing remains a mystery. I realized that the more I pushed love to happen, the more it became elusive so I just let nature take it's course. And this is what I got.

   His feelings are made tangible with this object that is symbolic. He chose me to be his bride someday and any girl would feel special. Anyway, irregardless of the circumstances or who am i with i knew that I could've gotten a toy ring and i wouldn't have cared, i could've been proposed to at a fastfood and it would have been fine. Just as long as it's with that special someone. It's not about how expensive a ring is or how extravagant a proposal setting is, it's about the love and loyalty that two people that spans beyond all the material things in the world. And that's all that matters to me...Cinderella or not!      


donnarence said...

congrats.. :D

shatzlaine said...



Thanks dear sisses:-)

jinxbea said...

Congrats! I agree with you nevermind the prize tag .. its the love that counts! :)


It's really all that matters coz as long as you love somebody you're willing to stick it out with him thru thick or thin. A prelude to that precious wedding vow. Thanks sis Jinxbea:-)

Alexandra said...
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Alexandra said...

omg that is the most beautiful ring, i love it, your life seem to be so perfect
i really like your blog and i'm not just sayin it

Anonymous said...

of course you would have been disappointed if he would have given you a toy ring at McDonalds. but that doesn't make your love less worthy. just a thought.


Thanks for the thought anonymous. Yes, my materialistic side would be disappointed but i know my "other" side can also look way past earthly things:-) hehe

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm very happy for you. I stumbled upon your blog by chance while surfing the net yesterday and since then I can't seem to stop going back to your site. I simply enjoy reading your blog. It's as if you're my long lost friend who shares stuff with me when I read your posts... I even got teary-eyed reading this. I wish you more happiness and blessings. I feel light-hearted reading your posts. Your honesty is very heart-warming. Keep your posts coming! :-)


Wow, thanks so much! it made me happy reading your comment and taking the time out to read some of my post. It means so much to me. I only have few true friends in life and i consider this blog as sort of a "virtual bestfriend". hehe

Thanks for your well wishes. I really really appreciate it so much!:-)